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Sea Freight Service

Ocean Freight Import
   Door to door logistics service based on our global network and multi-modal transport.
  Customs clearance, inspection, quarantine brokerage as well ascargo pick up from CY or CFS.
  FCL shipment delivery, unpacking and distribution; LCL shipmentconsolidation / deconsolidation.
  Warehousing service for bonded cargo.
  Inland transport for ocean import freight to inland spots ofmainland China.
  Timely shipping information feedback to shipper or consignee in form of POD.

Ocean Freight Export
  Comprehensive services of timely transport to ports and inland spots all over the world backed   with renowned shipping lines.
  Competitive rates and appropriate schedule arranged to meet clients' expectation. Special service   for hangers, reefers, and open top containers etc.
  Network domestic and overseas enabling a shortcut to offer efficient LCL service. Timely B/L   issuance in accordance with the L/C statement.
  Cargo tracing system providing shipping details such as departure and arrival time upon clients'   request.

Customs Clearance
  We are customs broker registered at Shanghai Customs Office.
  Business premises stationed at Shanghai Shipping Exchange, Shanghai Hangqiao Airport and   Waigaoqiao Terminal with our clerks on spot to smooth port entry, cargo tracking operations etc.
  Adopted customs pre-entry via the customs computer system.
  A team, all members certificated by customs broker qualification, ensure qualified services of   customs eclaration and clearance with reasonable charges. Customs document such as foreign   currency declaration form can be returned to clients in time after shipment on board.